Emily Deschanel drilled by her gym instructor

August 19th, 2016 by J

Emily Deschanel gets a bit of help, well an extra help, from her gym instructor for when she needed to keep that sexy body slim and healthy. It’s not all the boring weights lifting and stretching and jogging in place all the time when she’s at his gym because he always has the bonus set for their workouts and this is the most crucial one to keep Deschanel’s blood flowing, making her blush all over. They just wait for the rest of the people to pack up and leave and they start going wild. Deschanel would readily strip naked and give this dude one hell of a blowjob while down on her knees. They do things quick and so she spreads those legs and let him have her rough. They like it fast and rough so they’d sweat it out more than they ever will while doing real exercises. She swears by these hardcore quickies, that she kept her figure full throughout the years without having to go under the knife. This may be her secret but it looks like having it leaked and make us all watch ain’t a such a secret any longer.

Naughty Emily sucks and fucks rough in the gym

Emily Deschanel enjoys double penetration in a gym

April 9th, 2016 by J

Just like her sister, Zooey, Emily has these eyes which look that they will lure anyone into some kinda mysterious Deschanel spell of a sort. When you look at her, admiring her pretty face and sexy body, you can’t help but stare right into those glassy crystal balls and maybe find yourself under her every command. Yes, they’re pretty enchanting and we will find out what she does with them in this video. As a vegan and an animal rights advocate, Emily has been exposed to all sorts of groups for these causes and she met interesting men who like the same things that fascinates her. So it is not always boring talks about healthy food and constant discussions about stray animals they have to save, she knows how to get away from these mundane things and let loose once in a while. What more appropriate way to spend her free and fun time but with some acquaintances who she hangout with at the gym. Yeah, it seems like I will still be mentioning about her diets and heroic antics of saving abused animals but nope, let’s skip those part and jump into the important and enjoyable part of this American babe’s life. She would drop by the gym for some strenuous stretching while listening to her favorite tunes and sweating it out like a pig being roasted. Luckily, these workouts paid off because some buffed hunks took notice of her improvements.

Emily Deschanel goes wild while enjoying double penetration

Emily noticed they were eyeing her and motioned them to stay after the rest of the people have gone, they obliged. They are all ready for some overtime and stretching more muscles together. They ain’t into sissy Zumba shits, they wanted a full body workout that’s fun for the three of them and it’s all in this hardcore clip. Emily hits two birds with one stone and she fuckin’ loved it. Sucking on two dicks, getting banged by both in her tight ass and wet cunt, there’s no better weight lifting and green protein shakes that could match these when every single cell in their body gets toned in a more fun way. Oh, but Emily did get her own protein fix from these jocks’ dicks and she pretty much pretty this than her vomit-inducing veggie recipes. She got her muscles stretched so damn good and she’d want to do this again soon.

Emily Deschanel Likes To Masturbate On The Set Of Bones

April 30th, 2010 by emily

Now we all know that Emily Deschanel is a dirty little slut.  Everyone’s been talking about her naughty nude promotional images for Bones, and we all know about her hardcore fucking sessions off the set.  But it seems that her lust for orgasmic episodes has started to affect her work, because lately Emily Deschanel has been holding up production just so she can masturbate on set!  Here’s proof of her zest for pussy stuffing at all times of the day.  It’s a photo of Emily Deschanel twiddling her twat with, what else, but a hard piece of bone!  Yes, Emily literally demonstrates the feeling of having a boner up her cunt, and apparently it feels mighty good.

The only good thing about this that I can see is that the crew gets a free show whenever they have to take a break for Emily’s masturbatory flings.  I mean, she just doesn’t give a damn who watches her, and in fact I think all the attention and eyes on her even excite her a bit.  So there are literally tons of pics of Emily Deschanel stuffing her slit with all sorts of things, and if you want to see them all, then just follow the link we’ve got back there and you can have your fill watching this naked slut have her fill too!

Emily Deschanel explicit fuck pics

March 26th, 2009 by emily

Emily Deschanel is one naughty slut. You wouldn’t guess that with her staid performance as Dr. Temperance ‘Bones’ Brennan on the top-rated primetime show Bones. She’s all work and no play on the show, but once the cameras stop rolling, she likes to get freaky.

In the pic above, she’s getting a bit of chocolate lovin’ because for her, only the biggest dick can enter her tight pussy. She’s got a huge smile on her face as a brotha takes her from behind. It kinda looks like she’s just taken a break from filming and killing some time in her dressing room and decides to get a little fuck time to shake off the stress of having to learn lines and speak in a monotone. Here, she can squeal as loud as she wants as she gets pounded by a massive cock.

Other times, she likes it rough. As you can see, she likes it when a guy rips off her undies, pushes them aside, and fucks her. She likes it on top so she straddles the dude as he pounds her from underneath, running his tongue over her boobs. Emily’s got the same big smile on her face which means she really enjoys getting fucked. Her tight pussy is stretched to it’s limit as the guy’s wide cock rams her deep.

Then, probably wanting to give her pussy a little break, she takes it up the ass for a change. She’s a firm believer in back door action and enjoys it every once in a while. Down on all fours, a thick dick gets shoved in her poop chute and leaves her gasping for air. She does her best to keep her composure, but once again that big smile creeps it’s way on her face and you can tell she’s very happy.

So when it comes to fucking, it doesn’t matter if she’s top or bottom, pussy or ass, white, black, or brown, all Emily wants is a hard dick and staying power. As long as you can bring a smile to her face, you know you’ve done a good job. So, how many of you out there are up for the challenge? Well, why don’t you practice on these hardcore fuck pics of Emily Deschanel first, so that when you finally meet her, you know what to do. See Emily and more hot babes in action over here.

Emily Deschanel x-rated nude Bones promo pics

March 26th, 2009 by emily

When they were first planning to release the TV show Bones a few years ago, they didn’t really know how to promote it. Hot on the heels of those other forensic crime dramas Criminal Minds, Numbers, and the twenty different editions of CSI, Bones was struggling to distance itself from the pack. Well, they had one thing they could play up – the uber-sexy lead star Emily Deschanel. So some horny advertising dude made up these pornographic images to promote the show. And surprise surprise, Emily was more than happy to give them what they needed.

Playing up the sexuality of her character Dr. Temperance ‘Bones’ Brennan to x-rated effect, Emily strips bare and lets it all hang out. I’m loving the naughty “set stills” where she’s examining human remains in the buff. I can imagine her co-star getting a boner. Heck, I can even imagine the skeleton in front of her getting one, she’s just that hot. Then it’s off to the coroner’s office where once again she takes a load off (as well as her clothes) while she and her co-star get in a heated conversation about their latest case.

Now, it’s time to unwind ’cause by this time the case is solved and everyone’s happy. And since she takes her job very seriously, it’s time to spend some quality time with her “patient”. Using one of those bones as a dildo, a huge smile on her face occurs and somewhere in the ether, the soul of the bone’s owner is smiling as well. Wow, when a show deals with afterlife sex, you know their breaking new ground.

So if these nude pics of Emily Deschanel prove one thing, it’s that all shows look a lot better when the hot chicks are naked. Too bad things like that only happen on cable. But not to worry, until the show moves to cable, we’ve got these naked shots to get us by. Check this place out to see more hot pics of Emily and other gorgeous celebs.

Bones star Emily Deschanel naked pics

March 26th, 2009 by emily

If you’ve ever wondered what Bones star Emily Deschanel looks like under those power suits while she’s looking closely at human remains (I’m not judging — whatever turns you on) then wonder no more because I’ve got these nude pics of Emily Deschanel just for you. The blue-eyed, raven-haired stunning star of the highly-rated primetime series has been an object of lust since she starred as Dr. Temperance ‘Bones’ Brennan in the crime drama. Her mixture of no-nonsense attitude coupled with quirky humor has made her a reluctant sex symbol. Even though she spends most of her time on the show completely covered up, she still exudes that sexuality that just can’t be hidden. And now, that’s exactly how you’ll see her here.

Who knew that a rockin’ hot body was underneath all that serious cop garb. How her massive titties have been contained by her blazer, I don’t know. All I know is that she should show them off more often considering they’re very very impressive. I love how they’re so pert and bouncy. Even in a photograph they seem to jiggle in their firm gelatinous way. I’m sure fans of the TV show (and fans in general) would be more than happy to see Emily in a low cut dress, or better yet lingerie, every once in a while. I haven’t seen all of the episodes of Bones, but I’m pretty sure there hasn’t been an episode where she had to go undercover as a stripper or something like that. Emily Deschanel with a pole? I smell a number one show!

Too bad the show isn’t on HBO or Showtime ’cause they could’ve been a lot more racy with her character and the series in general. Heck, the show’s title is suggestive enough. Imagine an entire TV show where all they do is “bone”. Come on, would you wanna miss that? I surely wouldn’t. So whether she’s reclining on a chair spread-legged, leaning against a stone wall in completely nothing, or going out the lawn to pick up the morning paper forgetting her boobs are hanging out, Emily Descanel nude is a welcome sight, whether you’re a fan of her TV show or not. See more nude celebs here and find your favorite.