Emily Deschanel Nude

Emily Deschanel hasn’t done much since her 1994 debut in the film It Could Happen To You. Actually, that’s a lie. She’s been working steadily, but only in small, low-profile projects. Her sister Zooey has gotten more attention with the projects she’s been doing that Emily was on the verge of being overshadowed. As it goes with celebrity siblings. one almost always outshines the other. And for a time it looked like that would be the fate of Emily.

With her trademark blue eyes and dark hair, Emily Deschanel has that girl-who-can-kick-ass look about her. She seems a bit no-nonsense, but very very hot. That’s probably why she hasn’t done much over the years, appearing in bit parts and supporting roles in a few movies and TV shows. You may remember her as an acerbic receptionist that Peter Parker delivered pizza for in Spider-man 2. Yeah, those are the kind of roles she used to get. Then, Bones happened.

Everything changed for the hot lady with the role of Dr. Temperance ‘Bones’ Brennan as she became a household name with the top-rated show. All of a sudden people wanted a piece of her and hot hot body. But since Bones takes up a lot of her time, she hasn’t done much else since starting the series four years ago. Which means we won’t have a chance of seeing her in some highly sexual drama where she sheds her clothes every five minutes. Shame, ’cause she definitely has the body for it.

So while we enjoy her fully-clothed persona, we would much rather see what she looks like in the buff. Therefore this website was created to fulfill exactly that desire. So enjoy the hotness of Emily in these nude photos, fuck pics, and even a few Bones promo pictures that you’ve never seen before. So check them out now!