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Emily Deschanel Likes To Masturbate On The Set Of Bones

Friday, April 30th, 2010

Now we all know that Emily Deschanel is a dirty little slut.  Everyone’s been talking about her naughty nude promotional images for Bones, and we all know about her hardcore fucking sessions off the set.  But it seems that her lust for orgasmic episodes has started to affect her work, because lately Emily Deschanel has been holding up production just so she can masturbate on set!  Here’s proof of her zest for pussy stuffing at all times of the day.  It’s a photo of Emily Deschanel twiddling her twat with, what else, but a hard piece of bone!  Yes, Emily literally demonstrates the feeling of having a boner up her cunt, and apparently it feels mighty good.

The only good thing about this that I can see is that the crew gets a free show whenever they have to take a break for Emily’s masturbatory flings.  I mean, she just doesn’t give a damn who watches her, and in fact I think all the attention and eyes on her even excite her a bit.  So there are literally tons of pics of Emily Deschanel stuffing her slit with all sorts of things, and if you want to see them all, then just follow the link we’ve got back there and you can have your fill watching this naked slut have her fill too!